Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Digital Reflection

This generation has more modern ways to lean. For example, we now use high tech fashioned mini net books, a couple of iPads in each classes, and many of us pretty much have moved on from using pencil and paper.

Using net books and digital technology this year has helped me personally be able to exceed in all my learning subjects. By automatically connecting towards the TLN Manaiakalani network, we are all able to learn online and become very fluent with the system. The wifi connection has helped me with my math subject just by using online math websites, for instance like Math Whizz and XtraMath. Both math websites that have mainly taken care of that subject for me.

I've learnt from the young ones in my class about the technical skills we are able to access. Very difficult to come by, but the year seven boys know the terminal page inside out. At home I've researched by myself a lot of things. One I remember off the top of my head are the math websites I signed up for by myself. Like Mathlete, funbrain, and a load of other websites.

Having net books that can be able to access the internet is a real convenience. We are able to do our learning at home, or possibly anywhere there maybe WiFi available. Everything we learn is all based online, so having our net book constantly connected to the internet is a real time saver.

It's been really cool this year because since I'm almost an expert in technology for my age, I've been able to help younger students. With their school work, and with technology wise problems. Especially my little brother. I'm now able to help him with any school work he needs help with.

I've advanced quite a lot in my subjects since we switched into becoming a digital learning school. And being able to work outside of school has also really helped me. Since our tasks are set online, I'm able to access them, and exceed in my learning in my own time.

My friends have helped me a lot with my learning, and with any problems I've had with my net book. Mainly Ashleigh, she's an ultimate expert with technology in my eyes.

I have really enjoyed researching by myself at home the many different learning websites, youtube videos, and lyric links that have helped me with my work at school. One in particular website is! It helps me, and gives me a varied amount of words to help me with my writing, and songs.

Through the past three years, going digital in all my learning has really helped me a lot! I've been able to learn, and share my work and learning online with my friends and families. I've been able to work at home and finish off projects I couldn't finish at school. Digital learning has seriously helped me with my learning outcomes, and the way I learn.

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