Friday, November 15, 2013

The Three P's

Protection: My mother fought for her life to be able to stay alive and protect us. Her very own children. My Dad wouldn't be strong enough to take care of the five of us. So she had to stay strong so she could protect us as we grew older, and she ended up doing so.

Partnership: As my Mother tried to recover in rehab it took co-operation and partnership between my dad and us kids to be able to help her each day. Including my grandparents, we all collaborated together to help my mum recover from her big operation.

Participation: Almost everyday my brothers, sisters and I went to the hospital with our Dad to check up on our mum. Some nights my eldest sister slept with her, and most of the time we took turns feeding our mum. I was only 3yrs old but I loved my mum dearly, and I wanted to participate in any kind of act that would be able to help her become stronger.

This is a movie/poem that I made with the help of Joshua Iosefa based around my beautiful mother! Hope you enjoy.

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