Monday, November 18, 2013


My 7 main friends......

So there’s Shoal. She’s one of my main friends, she has to be the most funniest one out of the bunch, and the mature one. Then there’s Ashleigh, she’s the most boyish one out of all of us. But still she’s one of the most hypo friends I know. But then there’s Huelo-Ata and Brooklyn. I look at them as twins because they both have hypo persona’s. They both love to laugh a lot, and they're both quite fit and intelligently smart. Vivienne is the brainiac out of all of us, she’s the mature one, but she can be immature, and really funny and kick back most of the time. My best friend outside of school is Jasmine. She’s tall, but not taller than me I would say. (Kidding) We always hang out with each other after school, and we’ve known each other since we were young children.

Shoal is an amazing friend. I’ve known her ever since she came to Pt England in year 4. Her personality is very friendly, and she’s such a comedian. Shoal is very intelligent, and is highly up there with academic results. She is also my queen and I adore her 24/7...

Ashleigh is on of my friends that I’ve known ever since I first started school which is 9 years now. We were in the same class every single year after the other right up until we entered Intermediate. We still hang out every interval, and she is the most boyish friend I know. But she still has her girly ways, and I love her for that.

Vivienne is one of my mains as well. I’ve known her ever since I was in Room 15, but we only started hanging out in year 7 properly. She is the eldest out of the bunch, and she is very intelligent. She loves food, and she is very fit and skinny.

Huelo-Ata is my friend that I met last year. Yet it feels as if I’ve known her for ages. Her laugh is very contagious and it makes us all laugh along. She is very fit, and she loves her sports, and is very good at it.

Brooklyn is one of my mains also. And is a very awesome girl who is pretty in her own way. She loves to laugh like I mean A LOT! She makes the most funniest facials and noises ever. And I couldn’t imagine being in a different class from her.

Jasmine is of my amazing friend. She’s been there for me through thick and thin, and it really sucks that we won’t be going to the same college. Every single day after school we hang out and play at the park, or either sit at my house watching movies. I’ve known her ever since I started school as well, right from her very first day I’ve known her.

Darius is probably the only boy mate I have who I feel I can trust with anything. I’ve known him ever since we were in room nine together. He is a very kind and sweet type of boy, who is also academically clever. He’s also very good with his sports, and is unfortunately also not attending the same college as me next year.

All my friends will always be kept dearly near my heart. Even when we all depart our separate ways in life for college. It really sucks that we all may not be going to the same college’s, but we’ll all still be friends in time.

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