Friday, November 29, 2013

Maths Strategy

Question 1: An addition problem using decimals (to the hundredths)
Samantha had saved $89.50 to buy her dream cellphone. She needed $31.50 more. How much does her dream phone cost?

Questions 2: A subtraction problem using decimals (to the thousandths)  
Not where you can use partitioning.
Lucy had a 1.5litre energy drink. Her friend drank .789ml. How many litres are left?

Question 3: A multiplication strategy using  decimals.
There were 5 people wanting a 1.5g chocolate bar. If all the 5 people put their chocolate bars together how many grams would there be?

Question 4: A division problem (Sharing out) using decimals
Allison had 4.5m of fabric. She needed to make 10 (.15cm) shirts for her classmates?

Question 5: A fractions problem. Finding a fraction of an amount. (More than 1 part) or  from the parts or fraction working out what  total amount is.
If Sarah ate 1/2 of the pie. How much of a fraction would be left over?

Question 6: A proportions/ratio problem
Waimaria went to the pools. In every 4 pools there were 5 girls and 9 boys. How many boys were there all together at the pools?

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