Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Big School Garage Sale

It was 9.15am and I swore I was late, but by the time I got school, there were already kids helping out everywhere. Some were out front near the round about holding up signs, some were cooking the sausages, and the teachers were selling things in the hall. Things were going quite well I would say.

Once I got to school I was looking around for things that needed to be done. So I was told to either fold clothes or help out with holding signs, which seemed pretty embarrassing. So instead I helped to try and sell some things. Later on I made my way towards the BBQ where the boys were slacking off, so I gave them a hand. It was really hard having to serve a lot of people. I reckon I dished up about 25 sausages at the most.

By the end of the sale which was nearer to 12pm, almost less than half the things that were in the hall got sold. I was glad about this because everything we sold would be going towards our yr 8 camp next week. After all the sausages were sold, we all packed everything up, and made our way. I'm super ecstatic and can't wait for camp. It's going to be awesome.

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