Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations.....

Last week on Thursday a group of people came to our school to talk to the year 7 and 8 students about our future’s. There were five main speakers for the event, and one of them happened to be the same age as us, and he attended Ficino School. The other four speakers were adults and they all were well educated people, who had dreams, and aspirations for their futures.

We all were told to be seated in the hall first before we were separated. Andrew Patterson was the MC/Host for the event, and before we were split apart he spoke for a while. I stayed behind with the yr 7’s in the hall and was the videographer. The first speakers name was Tristan who was a year 7 entering University next year. He spoke to us about his life, and about his accomplishments at such a young age. Being able to attend University at the age of 12 is just amazing! Tristan also spoke to us about one of his projects where he thoroughly researched about this specific milk bottle. Tristan is definitely an inspiring person.

Tristan was my favourite speaker for the day, and he really made me think about what my future aspirations were going to be. I once thought about being a doctor, but now my heart is locked onto becoming a successful lawyer in crime. Through all the five speakers that spoke on that day, they all truly have made an influence in what my future dream is going to be.

My friends Shoal and Ashleigh like to listen to music so they say that when they grow up, their future dreams are to at least work around the music industry. It seems very predicted because they are very determined and amiable girls who always chase their aspirations and dreams.

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  1. Tristan seems very inspirational! Keep being inspired to do more and really take it with you in high school next year :)

    -Joshua I


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