Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 3 of the Amazing Riverside Camp!

So it was the usual routine. Wake up at 7:00am head down to the Rimu room to line up then head for the gym for fitness. It was day 3 already! The night before I didn't really get enough rest so I ended up waking up a bit later then the morning before. Which meant some of the other girls had to do fitness for me. When I got to the gym Brooklyn, Vivienne and Ata were sorting out fitness. After fitness had passed the day went by super quickly!

After breakfast was duties and a quick wash up. For the rest of the day we were going to be playing a lot of sports. Devo was right until morning tea, and then after that is was sports and fun activities! But we were going to be teaming up with a boys group. Fortunately the EADivas were teamed up with Lorenz and Siones team which were the New Era crew. It was fun participating in sports and games with them. For one of the games we played on the beach, we as a teamed up team won them all. Except for one. Our teams both worked together very well and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Once all the activities were over down at the beach it was time to head back to the campus for showers or free time.

My friends and I decided to hit the showers, since tonight there was going to be a disco! I was super excited for the disco because Peter, one of the head leaders had planned an exciting game for us to play during the disco. It definitely had to be my highlight of the day. After devotional which ended at 8:30 it was time to get ready. Once everybody was ready we were told to make our way back down to the Rimu room for further instructions. When everyone arrived  Peter started to explain the game. There were going  to be three stations in the hall. One was outside which was the police station. The other station was the buying station, and the final one was the smuggling station. The police, buyers, and smugglers. On the dance floor you would dance to the music, and while you would dance the police would try and find the smugglers which were trying to smuggle diamonds, (bottle caps) to the buyers who each got given money (coloured paper strips) to buy the diamonds without getting caught. If you were caught by the police with a diamond they wold take you to the police station to be held there for 1 minute. But if the police was wrong and you were bought to the station with a dollar, the police would be thrown in to the jail cell for 1 minute. If you did happen to have accomplish a swap with money, and a diamond, and return it to your station without getting caught you score a point.

It was a simple game to get but, very hard to pursue. Once the game started everyone was going everywhere. I was a buyer, so I tried my best to buy a diamond off a smuggler to get a point for my station. Unfortunately I was caught by the police on the dance floor more then three times in fact. It was so buzzy, the lights, the music, it was an awesome disco! When finally the game was over, we only had enough time for a dance competition and a quick dance to 2 songs.

Then the lights came on. Everyone looked tired, and sweaty cause it was getting stuffy. Then Mr Burt said it was time for TTB (toilet, teeth, bed). Another excellent day went by, and I couldn't stand leaving from this camp ever. But there was only 2 days of camp left before heading back to G.I! So I was to surely make the most out of the time left!

To be continued.......

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