Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Career Path

Career Path:

1- Lawyer
Three main things you have to do to become a successful lawyer, you must have confidence in defending your client. Two you must either have graduated with a masters, or bachelor of laws degree from university. And also thirdly you would need to be legally licensed. I really want to become a lawyer when I grow older because it pays a really good amount of money.

2- Flight Attendant
Travelling around the world is awesome, and by becoming a flight attendant it can become much easier to travel. To become a flight attendant you must have passed level 3 in hospitality. It is an amazing job that lets you travel around the world.

3- Teacher
To be a teacher you need to obviously be educated. Becoming a teacher is a really good thing, because you are able to teach, and help children learn.

4- Game Tester
Playing and testing video games for companies is a real convenient job. If you are very interested in to game playing like me, this is definitely the job for you. You get to play and test games both online and on consoles to see if they are good to be released and played worldwide.

5- Chef
Chefs are usually good with food. They have the ability to cook superb types of food. Being a chef means a lot of study, and cooking work obviously. I reckon becoming a chef would be really cool because you would learn how to cook for your family, and eventually you will have your own restaurant.

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