Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 1 of the Amazing Riverside Camp

Riverside camp has to be the highlight of my last year at Pt England School so far! It was awesome! The activities, the concert night, the Devotionals, the disco, the FOOD! Everything was amazing. It was a 5 day camp during the first week of the holidays that 80 riverside members were limited to attend. And lucky for me I was one of them. On Monday morning at 8:30am everyone had to meet in the school car-park with all the things we needed ready and packed in our bags. This was my first year of attending a riverside camp and I was super ecstatic! All my friends were going and I knew that it was definitely going to be an awesome camp! Shoal and Ash were leaders for one of the 4 girl groups there were, Brooklyn and Vivienne were leaders for another, and I was lucky enough to be leading a group with Huelo-Ata! Once everyone had arrived a prayer was said, then the entire luggage was loaded. We said our final farewells to our parents before heading off, and then we all hopped aboard the buses. One was for the girls, the other for the boys. 

We were now on our way to Willow Park which was where we would be staying for the next 5 days. Once we arrived we all loaded our bags and were told to sit in the Rimu room, which was our meeting room. Right next to the dining room and the lounge, this was where our luggage awaited us while we got told our groups. My team was called out first; in my team we had Talita, Ana, Adriel, Rowana, Sarah, Ata and I. Our amazing leaders were Tamara as our Cadet Leader, and Haare as our head leader. Once our group was called out we all had to make our way into the dining room and pick a table to sit on. One by one each other group started flowing through. When finally the last group was seated, Mrs Hamilton then instructed us to what we were supposed to do next. We had to make up a team name. EADivas was my teams chosen name.  Once that was done we had to grab our bags and head for our cabins. My team had to be shifted 3 times before finally settling into our final chosen cabin.

Every team had to make their beds and tidy up their room and make a chant, before heading down to play our first activity. My groups chant was short and sharp. It was “2UP *clap, clap* DIVAS.” Each team had to present their chants before we played our first activity. My teams chant had to be the best! Anyway this was an orientation course that Mrs Hamilton had sorted out. It was pretty fun. After the orientation course was Lunch. Then we went down to the beach and had a whole heap of other fun activities lined up for us. One was the city challenge. We had to try and make a mini city out of sand. It was so fun! When night came we had dinner first then it was concert practice and then Devotional with Beni. Devotional was cool, it was every morning and evening, we learnt a lot about Daniel and God. After Devotional we had supper which was an epic hunt to find Crunchie bars! They were all scattered around the fields outside. It was awesome! My team ended up finding quite a few! More than enough in fact, so we shared ours with the boy team that didn’t exactly get enough. After the awesome scavenger hunt for crunchies it was TTB. (toilet, teeth, bed) The first day was already over and I had a lot of fun already!

Oh yeah the points at camp were money! It was fake money but it was only given to your team for specific reasons. For instance $2 was given if your whole team was sitting up. $100 was given to your cabin if you slept quietly through the night and another if you were quiet while awaking. 

To Be Continued ........

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