Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 2 Of The Amazing Riverside Camp

Waking time was at 7:00am!! Much too early for me! But I had to suck it up and get ready for fitness which Ata and I were running. Everyone had to line up in their teams in the Rimu room before heading for the gym where we were setting up fitness. Fitness was quick and before we knew it we had to head back to our cabins and say our morning prayers with our leaders. Afterwards it was breakfast time and then duties. My team was assigned to clean the chapel. While Haare and I did that, the rest of our team cleaned our cabin. We received $50 for having a tidy room, and for having a new awesome chant! We had a couple more minutes to spare so we decided to brush our teeth and get changed and ready for the rest of the day.

Our first activity was a water involved activity this ran on till lunch. It was so fun! They launched water balloons towards all of us and we had to try and catch at least one for some points/money. Then we played another awesome game and our final wet game was the mummy game. One person in our team had to be wrapped up with toilet paper. Every other team had to try and wet each other’s mummies with wet sponges, buckets of water, and heaps of other utensils until the last standing mummy with the most toilet paper still wrapped on to them was standing. I was the mummy for my team. It was disastrous! The toilet paper wasn’t wrapping onto me instead it kept soaking into me.  It was a difficult game but I had a heap of fun anyway! After all the fun and wet games it was afternoon tea time and free time as well. We got to choose whether we wanted to take a shower or dry off and play. Shoal and I took a shower.

Once free time was over everyone had to line up in the Rimu room. It was dinner time and I was starving! The meal was scrumptious and so was dessert. After a filling dinner it was concert practice time which took just about 40 minutes then another session of Devotional with Beni and Mr Burt.

My highlight of the day came last. We played spotlight mixed with capture the flag in a way after devotional and supper. It was a game that involved running around the whole campus just to get to Jarred who was on the other side without being spotted by a flashlight from the leaders. But if you were caught they would take your life which was a glow stick bracelet and you would have to retreat back to the beginning and retrieve a new one. Lucky for me I made it to Jarred just before the siren went for time up. We all headed back to the Rimu room to tally up which team had the most players get to the end. My team fortunately had 5 members reach the end. Even Talita made it! And she was even in a wheel chair, but nothing could stop her. My team the EADivas had the most members reach the end as well as another boys group.

After tallying everything up, it was once again time for TTB as well as night prayers. (toilet, teeth, bed) Day 2 passed and I was still having a magnificent time! But I was fairly tired, and I needed to get some rest and gain more energy for the next day.

To Be Continued .....

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  1. Malo lava Makerita. Ese le manaia o lou faasoa. I'm so happy to read that you had a great time at Riverside camp. I was with Mrs Burt at lunch time and she shared that you were a good role model during camp - well done! I'm certainly looking forward to the rest of your camp reflection.


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