Friday, March 26, 2010


Yay, Rm15 got to go swimming. Everyone was steaming hot because they had sort of finished a game called Capture The Flag. Once we had left the school grounds everyone was excited. When we had gotten near the pools we all ran inside.

Finally we hopped into the pool.It was freezing.I really wanted to get out but I just had to stay in. Once Miss Squires had said go to me, I swam as fast as I could and by the time I had gotten to the middle I was gasping for breath. I had thought I was useless at swimming. As soon as I had stopped at the end I was all worn out.

Then I went for my second attempt. I felt even worn by the time I had reached the middle. I had heard someone laugh at me and that's what put me down. When I had gotten out of the pool, I ran straight to the person and splash them on the face with water.

That made me get in trouble and until we had to go that was the last time I would hop in. In the end I felt very ,very, very grumpy and sad. I started blaming the person who laughed at me. But eventually I got over it.

Sit Back and relax this will be a ride you will never forget.
The End.By Rita

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