Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On a windy Friday the whole of P.T England went to the P.T England reserve for a little picnic. By the time we got to the reserve I was very excited.When we all got free to go I ran straight for the beach. Whenever I went past Brooklyn I always saw gluggy clay in her hands. Finally I got hungry so I quickly ran up for a little snack. By the time I got back down everyone was going for a snack. Even Ashleigh went. So I was all alone but once 2 or 3 minutes went past it was full again.
After a little while went past, Karaoke started. I was really excited because I love singing. Once it was my turn I got up and sang it felt so embarrassing that I nearly fainted. When I got out of the circle of doom I felt like I could breath again.I sang No Air that was my favourite song when I was about 6 or 8. It went so smooth except for my heart beat it was gong pitter patter pitter patter. Then we all had to pack up, it was very very fun because after wards me and my family went to Burger King. I felt so special that day. The End.
By Rita.


  1. Volleyball too! oh man i missed out on great fun. Good to see you guys having fun in the sun. :)

    ♥ Shoals mum

  2. Hi Rita,
    I wish I had heard you sing at the Kareoke. I'm sure you sang really well. Did it really feel like the circle of doom? I like how that simile really shows how you were feeling. Keep up the great writing. Hopefully we will get to listen to your beach story as well before the end of the term.

  3. Hi Miss Squires,
    Well it sort of felt like the circle of doom. By the way thanks for the comment.
    From Rita.


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