Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Stupendous Term

Kia Ora this term has been extremely fun. I have alot of highlights but only have my top three. One of them were going camp. It was the bomb. My most likeable thing to do was cook dampers,go roller skating,bowling and rock climbing.

My second highlight is having a video conference with a famous shoe desighner D'Wayne. We got to ask alot of questions. His answers were very interesting to hear. All he would talk about was his life and how he had gotten his job.

My last but not least highlight is having a test to get into extention. It was very difficult. I would always get nervous.(I even shake.) Sotimes I forget about the test's to get into extention. So those are my three highlights from this term. My two goals are to.....

Studie hard for this coming term and to have a better attitude in class. Next term I think the theme is going to be about volcanoes. I don't know but I think it is going to be about that. I hope you join me next term for more things that we are going to be learning. Kakite Ano.

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