Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boring Boring Holidays!!!!

My Holidays are boring 'as usual'. I do nothing but sit and watch TV. Well recently something that was fun for me was meeting and playing with my new cousins from Australia. Mythera who was only 8 yrs old but is very mature and Anniville who was 11 yrs old like me. Anniville has the talent to dance like her idol Zendaya off Shake It Up. And Mythera is very intellegent for her age. My cousins are very unique in a way just like everyone on this earth. I think I am quite good at singing. I'm still working on it but I would say I am half way there. Anyway these school holidays are going no where. I need something to do and fast. This is exactly like all the other school holidays................ :(............. I am exetremely bored!!!

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  1. Hi Rita, I am sorry to hear that you are bored, again. Make sure you join us for the Riverside camp next holidays.

    I am in Italy and am enjoying reading any news from home. Maybe you could do Mr Burt and me a favour and post regularly updates about what is going on in NZ over the holidays. Anything will interest us, the weather, news, sports....
    We could even make it worth your while with a little something from Italy ;). Call that bribery if you will....

    Mrs Burt


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