Friday, June 29, 2012

'Memories' By Makerita

Everyone has a special place. I chose this specific place because it is where I have stayed for the past few years. It is where most memories are held, and it is also where my family and I can see and spend quality time together. With out this place of mine I would have nowhere to stay.

I chose the style of Henri Matisse, which is Fauvism. He loves to use bright and extravagant colours in each of his artworks. That is exactly what I love to see in paintings. It was very hard in the making of my very own artwork. One whole day it took me to paint and the other to draw. I couldn't balance my schedule at times, which made it very hard to accomplish my work. I love my artwork and it took me a lot of hard work and effort to make it.


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  1. Hi Makerita,

    What a sophisticated piece of art work, it looks amazing!! I like how you have tried to use those extravagant colours of Henri Matisse. I also like how you have described why your home is your special place.

    Mr. O'Connor


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