Sunday, July 8, 2012

News Lately

The Whether recently is exetremly cold for me in particular. Even though I have heaps of layers of clothes on, it still seems to be cold. And also recently I could not beleive that Shane Cameron had knocked out Monte Barret. And I kind of thought he was the best. First David Tua knocked out Shane Cameron, then Monte Barret k.o Daved Tua then Shane k.o Monte Barret. Very VERY confusing! In news lately it has said that Sonny Bill Williams is the richest payed athlete around New Zealand and Austrailia. Queensland vs New South Whales. I kind of saw it coming, obviously QLD won and they did. 21 to 20 not by far though very close call. Anyway that raps up the Whether here and sports from Makerita signing off ..............  :)

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  1. Thanks Rita, that was just the kind of synopsis we were looking for over here in Italy. Sounds like we ave missed some important sporting events but have been lucky to escape some freezing weather.

    See you soon

    Mrs Burt


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