Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Year 5 and 6 Extension Project

For the last Couple of weeks the year 5 and 6 extension group have been studying about Mt Tarawera. So far we have got really close to the history of Mt Tarawera. So we have decided to make a little movie that shows all the information about Mt Tarawera. Each of us had partaken in this.

My part was a big part it was about what happened before the eruption. It was a lot of fun and laughter. I had to speak about how the people of Te-wairoa were like before the eruption. The people of Te-wairoa were having a very good life till...................

The eruption of Mt Tarawera had begun. It was really scary having a life like that.
In the end nothing was left. Only mud and ash. It was a lot of fun. Some things were hard but I had still stuck together in the end.
By Makerita

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