Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock Our World

Rock Our World 12 Rita

1. What did I do well?
I represented for someone who was away for Family night (day)Which was awesome. I participated in the video conference with D'Wayne Edward's.

2. How could I have Improved to what I did?
I could have improved on all of the angles from the camera. I also could have helped someone else when they needed help.

Brick wall
What held you back from doing better?
It was the time that held us back from everything and all the stuff that we still had to do before all the time had been taken off. It was also all the illustration s we had to get done. In the end we had finished.

Why did we even bother to take part in Rock Our World?
List some things down:
1. We had a global connection around the world with people that participated in R.O.W. (Rock Our World)
2. So that the year 5's can have an experience.
3.So we can have many more opportunities
4. So that anything the R.O.W people need to be done they can turn to us.
5. So that anyone who is in Extension they can have a turn participating in it.


  1. Hi All the People who decide to comment on my blog.
    I hope you enjoy what my feelings are about the 12th cycle of Rock Our World. Sit back and relax.
    From Makerita.

  2. Hi Rita
    That sounds like you have been working really hard to be able to know what you need to work on and what you think you did well. It is amazing how you can reflet on what you did for Rock Our World. Can't wait to read more of you intersting posts
    From Your Freind Ashleigh


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