Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favourite Singers

Beyonce is my favourite singer. She is so glamorous and pretty I wish to be her. Maybe when I grow up I could be just like her. Her most best song for me is going to have to be All The Single Ladies.
My second best favourite singer would be Miriah Kerry. She has got the most highest voice but I will still go for Beyonce. They are so cool.
My third would have to be Justin Bieber . He is so cool. All I like about him is his voice. I don't like him like all those other girls do. Growse. He really does have a nice voice.


  1. Hi Rita I like justin Biber to. I like him because
    of his voice to I like the way you put your second
    and first favorite singers. If you on to my blog you well
    be able to see my favorite singer. Keep up the grate work Rita.

  2. Thanks Oshania for the comment.
    From Makerita


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