Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Day Of School

College finally began today. Not just for me but for a couple of other schools as well. My stomach was in knots, and My feet felt so care and naked in roman sandals. I made my way towards the Elliot Halls to where all Yr 7-10 students were to meet. My friend and I were very anxious, and couldn't help but talk about how nervous we were. After all being seated in the hall, we were all taken to our house groups, than to our tutor groups.

I was sadly split apart from my friend Katie, and was taken with the Cargil house, which was the house colour green. Than we were all taken back to our tutor classes, with our tutor teachers. I was fortunate enough to have a really kind lady tutor teacher. We all had to stick with her for period 1 and 2, than head our own ways after interval to our first subject.

Then forth my day was really a muddle up. I didn't know where the classes were so I had a few teachers show me around. Than for the rest of the day I had my buddy Lucy to be my guide. The school was huge, and there were so many students. I still couldn't figure out anything. My schedule is extremely different from what I had back in Intermidiate, and it's super complicated.

For Period 3 I had Science, for period 4 I was in Mathematics and Health and Social Studies followed after for the rest of the day. I had a descent first day, but nothing can compare to Point England to be very honest. Even on my first day of school I received homework for every subject. Quite astonishing really, but I was expecting it. Aside from all the down parts from today which hardly happened, my first day of college went really well.


  1. Glad to hear that you made it through your first day Rita. We are so proud of you here at Pt England. Keep striving to succeed. :-)
    Pop in to see us and let us know how you are getting on.
    Love Miss King

  2. Malo Makerita! Lovely to hear that your first day went well. You know what it is to work hard and do your best - you keep doing these things. We look forward to reading how you get on this term and further. Teine lelei Makerita. Usita'i lelei i ou matua ma faiaoga. Alofaaga mo oe Makerita. x Mrs Tele'a

  3. This sure brought a smile to my face Rita! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with your Pt England family. We are thrilled to see you spreading your wings - but will miss you on Monday when you are not in the hall with your lovely smile and warm greetings.
    Love (and tears) Mrs Burt

  4. Yes we are all very proud of you Rita. Great to hear about your first day. Day one is always a bit daunting in a new place but it sounds as though you made it through OK. We will definitely miss you here at Point England but it's great to see you really striving to do your best. All the best and keep in touch.

  5. College is that huge transition to a “semi-professional” world. Where teachers aren't eager to chase students for projects or not hesitate to fail a student just by their attendance. This is where people treat you as young adults. Make sure to keep in touch with Katie okay? If ever you find yourself having troubles with a subject, getting a tutor might come in handy.

    Carol Levin


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