Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 8 Term 3

It's almost the end of Term 3. Just one more week to go. I can't believe that in an estimated 20 more weeks I will start my first day of college. Unbelievable. Well next week is the school production, and I'm trying to get involved with it as much as possible. I'm an actor, and a dancer, and it's pretty hard to memorise 4 different sets of dances.

In the production, my dance crew Insanity is performing in it! It's basically our first amateur dance gig. I can't wait for the production, it's going to be super awesome! And plus both of my close friends are the main actresses in the production. Even twice as good.

I also can't wait for the first week of the holidays!! It'll be camp time. Our riverside club is going to be going on a camp to Willow Park for 1 whole week, that's one whole week away from the family! Awesome haha.

This term has definitely gone by super fast, and that's pretty harsh. I just don't want to leave Pt England School, but a caterpillars chrysalis has to open and turn into a butterfly, quite similar to me.

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