Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick Investigation John Farrell

Gavin Bishop: He was once upon a time a teacher. But he is now a writer and an illustrator of his own books.

Darryn Joseph: He is a author of Maori books. He has published over 24 books from picture books to text books.

Apirana Taylor: Apirana is a writer, storyteller, poet, painter and an actor.

John Farrell: For a living he is a musician, author, singer, and storyteller.


John Farrell is a talented man. He does so many things for a living. He writes, sings, story tells, and is a musician. John being a father of 5 in courages his children to put more of their effort into singing, reading, and writing rather than being on online activities. His wife Ann Marie is a kindergarten teacher and fully supports her husband. Their family lives in Hillsdale, New York, and often during the children's summer holidays they like to visit a family farm house on Prince Edward Island, in Canada.

John shows a keen interest towards cycling, reading, and writing. He is a very kind man who usually focuses his songs, and stories on living peacefully, appreciating the natural world, and promoting literacy. John is also the founder of "Bridges Of Peace and Hope" an international programme used to promote understanding in the writing and the arts. 

John Farrell is the author of "It's Just A Game" and also "Stargazer's Alphabet". John also published another book of his called "Dear Child" in 2008. He has starred in "The Great Earth Sing Along" which received The Dove Foundation Award, and also The Parents Choice Silver Honour Award. This Thursday our extension class will be meeting this splendid man, and that's including me.  I definitely can not wait to meet him. 

Courtesy of John Farrell:

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