Thursday, June 6, 2013

Makerita Week 5 SSW

Waking up to the noise of rain pounding against the roof of my house made me want to snuggle deeper into bed. But it was sadly a school day. The usual ray of sunshine that would pour through my window each morning, was overtaken by a grey dark misty sort of intake. I reluctantly gave in to the calls from my mother down stairs saying “get up Anabell, it’s 8:00am you’ll miss your bus!”

With a sigh I kissed my mom goodbye and walked out the door. I was on my way towards my bus stop when I realised that my bus had just driven past me. “HEY WAIT UP!” I yelled from the top of my lungs. But it didn’t work. School was 4 blocks away and the rain was getting harder by the second. And believe it or not in minutes I was drenched in water. I looked at my reflection in the puddle in front of me. And in an instant something bizarre happened.......


  1. Hi Makerita,

    I love your writing. When I read this post you left me wanting more whih is the sign of a great writer. You are obviously so proud of your mum and I love that. As a mum myself everyting we do is for our kids and I know that your mum is so proud of you as so am I.

    Just wanted to let you know that you played the most awesome game of netball tonight. Your shooting was perfect and for the full 40 minutes you were everywhere. I am so proud of you and all the girls of the 8b netball netball team. Well done and I look forward to seeing you receive the certificate for Player Of The Day on Friday.

    Have a great week and keep up your inspirational writing.

    Love Ms Eadie

  2. Sorry, Ms Eadie needs to check her writing before she publishes for spelling and grammatical errors... lol
    Ms Eadie


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