Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

‘Oh my goodness today is cross country’ I thought to myself, as I sat up from bed. After I got ready for school I sat in the living room saying to myself ‘I have come at least 15th or 11th.' Just because last year I came last, which was all because I brought the wrong shoes to school.

The 12 yr old girls lined up along the starting line. My heart was pounding with rapid speed. “CLAP” the blocks went, and all I could here was the noise of a stampede. Squash squelch was what I could hear so far from the mud we were all stepping in. It was a muddy disaster.

After I had passed a few teachers and adults here came the 12 year old boys. Then next after half way came Lepa, Havea and Kaiden. I was seriously annoyed. But for my group of girls I was coming at least 12th or 13th. I was really lost in my placing.

As Mary and I were walking and slouching at the same time, we saw even more people come past. When they had come past one person had almost slipped. “OH MY GOSH!! ARE YOU OKAY!!” I said to him. I couldn’t really remember who it was but it was one of the 12 year old boys. He then dusted himself off and carried on.

From afar I could hear Mr Garth Jacobsen’s voice coming from the loudspeaker. He was announcing who was coming what in placing.
My heart started to pump harder as I was heading closer to the finish line. "Go Rita" I heard one of the Takitimu people's say.

My heart was then at ease after I had passed the finish line. I was EXHAUSTED! But to my amazement I had beaten Mary Loseli who was way far back. I didn't know what I came, so I just sat down took off my muddy shoes and sighed that the whole event was over.

At the end of the day, I felt extremely exhausted. But overall it was the best Cross Country I had ever attended. Just because I didn't come last. Next year I am looking forward to be attending Cross Country. I can't wait.

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  1. Hi Rita

    Congratulations for not coming last! Thanks for sharing your experience of being in the cross country race. It was an interesting post.

    Mrs L


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