Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert Night

As I was sitting there waiting impatiently for Mr Barks to call up the Respectables, my stomach started to turn upside down. I dreaded watching all of the other team performances because it made me think that my own team’s performance stunk. What am I talking about? Well I am talking about our year 7 and 8 camp concert night. It was the definitely the worst night for me out of all the other camp nights.

My heart was pounding when I was standing there in front of all the other teams. My thoughts were straight blank. We had only 2 hours to memorize the moves and then it was show time. I seriously wanted to get off the stage. The music started and the song was ‘shi shaw snappy’ (Jump Jam song) and then it remixed to this other Indian song. When we had finished my heart was at ease.  

It was as if nothing had happened when I was walking down from the stage. After the rest of the items had been performed it was time for judging. I think that my groups dance wasn’t that good. Well the judges actually thought it wasn’t that good either. So we came 5th overall, then it was Team Respect, then came another and another and then finally first place was the Respect Crew. This was Toreka and Lepa’s group.

When the night was over we had to retreat back to our tents and go to sleep because the next day we were going to Swimarama. I felt so relieved when everything had finished. Next year I will be determined to make my groups act the best and come first place.

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