Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rematch with Room14

Room 14 were eagerly waiting for the rematch game to begin. Once room 15 got to the bottom field the game was already set up. Room 15 were so excited.

"Go" shouted Miss King. Suddenly Room 14 and 15 started charging. We were trying to get to the safe zone but as soon as everybody got to the middle we stopped. We were having a rematch of a game called Capture the Flag on the bottom field.
Everybody was ready to tag and to rescue people. Some people started dodging and trying to make a run for it. I was excited about playing the game again. We were all running around with excitement.

Lots of people started shouting because Oshania had the flag but she wouldn't even try running with it or giving it to someone else to try and get us a point. I was starting to get frustrated. I wanted to run back to our territory but people would tag me. Once room14 got the last point we all felt disappointed and depressed. When we got back to class people were moaning and groaning at Oshania and Teresa. The End.
By Rita

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